Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Devil's Lair Chardonnay 2000 - Tasting Notes

Picked this up in a shop over the weekend. Cost about US$30. I thought I'd seen it reviewed glowingly somewhere, but wasn't quite sure, thought it might be worth a go. The 2000 Leeuwin Art Series Chardonnay is supposed to be pretty hot , and Devil's Lair is often rated as highly - look I was in the mood, I guess.

Colour. Gold. Really gold. Loads of legs on the glass.

Nose. Really nice to start with. Hits you with warm honeysuckle to start with, but not too flowery. Maybe just honey without the suckle. After a few more sniffs there's more acidity in there, but nothing over the top. Kiwi, anyone?

Taste. A really good lemon tart, tingling around the edges. Too many short sips in a row and it gets a little too sour, mouth gets bit too watery with your saliva glands going overboard - that's why the sourest of lemon tarts need a meringue on top - but the honey does waft back in every now and then. I want to say that every now and then I got a bit of gooseberry, or kiwi, but I think I was really just getting lemon meringue pie, with sometimes not enough meringue.

Overall. I reckon this must be a pretty decent vineyard, and I'm going to check out the 03's, as these are supposed to be higher rated, worth keeping and about half the price. This particular vintage was good, and a damned sight more interesting than some of the NZ sauvignon blancs that I've been auto-piloting to on wine lists recently.


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